Alongside his other activities as a performer and teacher of magic, Larry Hass is an award-winning author, editor, and publisher of essays and books for magicians.

Larry’s essays on magic performance and theory have been published in the world’s leading magazines and journals for magicians, including MAGIC Magazine, M-U-M, The Linking Ring, La Circular de la Escuela Magica de Madrid (Spain), Hokus Pokus (Switzerland), and Magia (Italy). He has been a regular columnist for MAGIC Magazine and M-U-M, and is currently writing a regular column for Secrets Magazine, which is connected with London's famed Magic Cricle.

Click to read Larry's essay, "Thinking About Magic."

Larry’s writings have received rave reviews from magicians all over the world. His primary goal is to articulate what he calls “practical concepts” for magicians. That is, ideas, insights, and strategies that magicians can apply to their work to make their performances more deceptive, entertaining, and successful.

In 2007 Larry founded Theory and Art of Magic Press as an outgrowth of his award-winning Theory and Art of Magic Educational Program. The mission of the Press is to publish high-quality books and products for magicians that will feed their heads as well as their hands. The first book published by Theory and Art of Magic Press was Larry’s own book that became an international bestseller among magicians, Transformations:  Creating Magic Out of Tricks. Since then he has published at least one major magic book a year, all of which have received exemplary reviews from the world-wide and online magic press. Please explore Theory and Art of Magic Press to see its books and other materials for thoughtful magicians. 

Click to read Larry's essay, "Beyond the Props."