About Larry Hass

Larry Hass
hadn’t planned
on becoming
a magician.


As a boy he loved reading, superheroes, and music. In college he had other interests and goals. He studied literature and philosophy, earned a PhD, and built a successful career as a philosophy professor and scholar.

And then, one night, he happened to catch a TV special about magic.
The show deeply impressed upon him something he’d never before considered:  magic is a fascinating art form that had gone largely overlooked—notably, by philosophers and scholars of all sorts.

He got to work rectifying that, creating a one-of-a-kind program at Muhlenberg College to bring magic into the academy. Featuring guests such as David Blaine, Jeff McBride, Juan Tamariz, Teller, and other renowned and respected magicians, the Theory and Art of Magic program ran for eleven years to great international acclaim.

But a deeper calling soon emerged. Larry began learning the ways of magic, not only with his head but with his hands. Bringing the same commitment to excellence that had earned him success in higher education, Larry quickly became an accomplished and celebrated performer.

Since that beginning, Larry’s magic has inspired audiences all over the world. He has performed for audiences at thousands of shows, in locations ranging from art galleries to Apple; from the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas to Princeton University; from the International Magic Convention in London to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles.

Recognized as a world-leading teacher, writer, and philosopher on the art of magic, Larry is the Dean of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas (which the BBC has called the “most prestigious magic school in the world”).

Larry has written extensively on the topic of magic, primarily for other magicians, and has been published in the leading magic magazines, both in print and online. His internationally-bestselling books include Eugene Burger: From Beyond (2019), Dying to Change (2019), Life Magic (2018), Teaching Magic (with Eugene Burger, 2017) Inspirations (2015), The Show Doctor (with Jeff McBride, 2012), and Transformations (2007). His philosophy of magic has been the focus of articles in The New York Times and USAToday, and he has made feature appearances on The Discovery Channel and National Public Radio, among others. His writing has been translated into nine languages.

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