Are you ready for your magic to create more impact?

Do you want your performances to be more creative, more self-expressive, and more moving for your audience?

There is a better way to learn the art of magic than simply buying more “tricks” (which you may never use) and going along with the hype. It is possible to delight viewers and create connections with magic that is  more fulfilling for you and  your audience.


And this is exactly why Larry Hass is drawn to teaching the art of magic.


Teaching is one of Larry’s highest callings, driven by his ability to take difficult or complex ideas and distill them into easily understood lessons that are empowering for students. His teaching is transformational, focusing not just on the technical skills but on the performance as a whole. He identifies and creates excellent routines for his students to perform, offering a heightened experience for their audiences and improving the public’s perception of magic as an art form. 


As a student under Larry’s teaching, you can expect to:

  • Learn high-quality magic routines out of Larry’s own professional repertoire—meaning they will work in real-world performing situations.
  • Master “practical concepts”—that is, conceptual tools and models—that will help you improve the quality of your magic and your overall enjoyment of the art.
  • Gain detailed understanding of the “higher secrets” of the art of magic, including developing your performing character, building effective shows, nourishing your magic-performing business, and understanding what it means to live as a professional performing artist.


“Larry is an exceptional teacher who teaches the whole person in a thoughtful, insightful, and transformative way. Every time I practice, every time I perform, Larry Hass is in my head. That’s how big a difference he has made in my magic.”

— Dana Douglas, Los Angeles

“In all my fifty-three years of performing magic, I have never had the privilege of working with a more knowledgeable, kind, patient, and skilled teacher of the art than Dr. Lawrence Hass.”  

— Daryl Howard, Dallas

“Larry loves performing magic, but he loves teaching magic even more. At the end of an hour session with him, you’ll leave convinced you and your magic were the only reason he woke up that morning.  Every time I leave a session working with Larry, I go home with a commitment to practice all night long.”  

— Geoff Grimes, Dallas


“Working with Larry Hass has been a career changing experience. Larry’s knowledge of magical effects and sleights, along with theater training makes him the ideal choice for anyone looking to develop and improve their character, magical effects, routines, scripting and staging. Most importantly, Larry is extremely thoughtful and caring in their advice his gives you.”   

—Phil Ackerly, San Francisco Bay Area, 2013 Hall of Fame Inductee for Best Entertainer, Parent’s Magazine


“Larry Hass deeply understands what makes magic happen in an audience’s mind. But more than that: he possesses a keen and unique ability to guide performers to their own true magic so they can reveal it with dignity and heart.”     

— Jim Vines, New York, 2016 Close-Up Champion and People’s Choice Winner, International Brotherhood of Magicians  


“I have witnessed, time and again, Larry’s Hass’s dedication to raising the performance art of every performer who has turned to him for advice. His expertise in character development, theater arts, and the use of deep methods challenges every student to continuously evolve their act. Larry’s openness in how his own routines have matured, but more importantly why these changes were made, demonstrates the process every performer should pursue to create magical gifts for their audiences.”  

— Larry Darbonne, Los Angeles


“Larry Hass is a Master Teacher. He somehow succeeds in boosting your confidence while he gives you the best constructive criticism you could ever ask for.”  

— Butzi, Paris, France


“[Larry’s] workshop was the most valuable experience I have ever had as an evolving, growing magician.”  

— Arthur Kurzweil, New York


“If you are serious about having a coherent show that people can relate to, don’t miss Larry’s workshop. You won’t be disappointed.”  

— Robert Mills, Maryland