Larry is the author of more than 15 highly acclaimed books for magicians and enthusiasts at every level.

Lauded as one of the finest writers in magic, he addresses his readers directly, sharing and teaching excellent magic for real-world audiences. His work is informed by extensive experience as well as the friendships he has forged with professional magicians. Smart, philosophical, and inspiring, his work is nonetheless clear and accessible. 


His books are available from Theory of Art and Magic Press.  


Larry is the recipient of various  honors, achievements, and recognitions related to his writing, among them: 

  • Recipient of a  Presidential Citation from The International Brotherhood of Magicians, 2014, for achievements as a performer, teacher, writer, and publisher of magic
  • Founded and Produced the Theory and Art of Magic Program at Muhlenberg College—the first ever college-level program designed to study and celebrate magic as a universal performing art and fundamental human phenomenon, 1999-2009
  • Awarded the Howard Bamman Trophy for “Best Series” in The Linking Ring magazine, 2000-2001
  • Recipient of Essay of the Year for  “The Illusion of Technique” from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, 1997
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